Eating while at the track

Eating while at the track

Everyone who is into racing knows that it can be an exhausting day on race day. Getting in the proper nutrition throughout the day can be pretty tough. Lets face it you start the morning out either getting the car or motorcycle ready and loaded which doesn’t give you much time for packing your food for the day. So what normally happens when you don’t have time to pack your food? Well with me it means I normally end up eating junk to fill myself up. This junk food can actually cause you to lose focus on the track. Nutrition plays a very important role in reaction and focus when it comes to racing. Race day can be a huge day of events and its important that your body and engine get the proper nutrition they need. Like an engine needs synthetic oil a racer needs fuel in the source of food and water.

Here are a few tips to help you make it through the day without eating a bunch of crap that will give you no benefit on race day. First start your day out with a good protein shake and some nuts, this will only take you a few seconds to prep and wont get into a lot of your time getting ready to head to the track. Things to pack for while you are gone, Protein powder, Beef Jerky, Rice cakes, Baked Chips, popcorn and some veggies. Yes most of these are pretty healthy snacks that can keep you from eating the junk at the race track. I know its not healthy meals but it is better than not eating at all or eating a bag of walking tacos. Don’t forget to pack your Gloves for racing along with all of your other safety equipment.

Protein powder can help keep you full for a while and you can mix it like pudding so you don’t have to piss all day while you are at the track. You can even dump a little rice or oats into this pudding like meal to help make it more filling. I like to use the Dymatize powder Iso 100. There are a lot of good brands out there that will get the job done it just depends on your personal preference.

Don’t forget eating right on race day is as important as using good racing oil for your engine.

Try these few steps to give you a little more focus on race day!

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